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November 14 Updates

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

It's important to make time to relax, even minutes before showtime! This is from right before the Region Concert last Saturday, at East Central HS.

Pictured are Region Choir members and Honor Choir Members.

Here they are trying to be a bit more serious. :)

Here you see the middle schoolers prepping for our Veterans Day Assembly last Friday. They truly did an amazing job! We've gotten countless compliments. The Assembly was a wonderful celebration of our Veterans. Thank you FMS Student Council! Here is a link to the full performance. We also had the opportunity to perform at the National Museum of the Pacific War!

Thank you FHS Mesa for this picture of our 4 students who are advancing to Area. From left to right: Seth Watson (Bass), Diego Martinez (Tenor), Emma Rieber (Soprano) and Eden Goff (Alto). Area is the final round of the All-State Process for Choir. The highest ranking students from Area will then be placed in the All-State Choir. The All-State Choir performs at the Texas Music Educators Association Convention at the Henry B. Gonzales Convention center in February.

Here are our updates for the next couple of weeks. Remember, only bold and underlined events are REQUIRED for all choir students. I'm trying a new format that might make this a little easier to read. I welcome any feedback you have on the new format. Any changes from previous updates or the original calendar will be highlighted in red

Middle School

  • Tues. Nov. 15, 8th Grade Choir Rehearsal, 7:15-7:55 AM

  • Fri. Nov. 18, Last day of school before Thanksgiving Break!

  • Tues. Nov. 29, 8th Grade Choir Rehearsal, 7:15-7:55 AM

  • Sat. Dec. 3, MS Region, 6:30 AM - 3 PM. Start time is accurate, end time is an estimate (Required for 8th grade choir members. Strongly encouraged for all 7th grade choir members)

JV Choir

  • Thurs. Nov. 17, JV Officer Meeting, B Lunch

  • Thurs. Dec. 1, JV Officer Meeting, B Lunch

Varsity Choir

  • Please make sure to check your assignment in Google Classroom for singing at the Basketball Games.

  • Thurs. Nov. 17, Varsity Rehearsal, 4-5:30 PM

  • Thurs. Nov. 17, Varsity Officer Meeting, 5:30-6 PM

  • Mon. Nov. 28, Area Rehearsal, 4-5, Required for students advancing to Area

  • Mon. Nov. 28, Float Decorating for Parade, 5:30-7:30, Required for Varsity officers and strongly encouraged for all of Varsity

  • Thurs. Dec 1, Varsity Rehearsal, 4-5:30 PM

  • Thurs. Dec. 1, Additional Float Decorating, 5:30-7:30 (if needed)

  • Fri. Dec. 2, Light the Night Christmas Parade, Time estimate, 5 - 9 PM

Cozumel Group

  • Tues. November 29, Meeting to discuss more fundraising, 4-4:15 PM

  • Sat. Dec. 10, Caroling at Christmas Bazaar and August E's, 6:30-10 PM

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